The RS-125 Super Spectrometer System is the state-of-the art hand-held radiation spectrometer available to rent today from Mount Sopris Instruments.

This device can measure and store Total Count Data (in counts per second), Assay results, and GPS data. Use this device on your next continuous drill core assay or GPS oriented survey. 

This system boasts full time-variable ASSAY capability with data in %K, ppm U and Th. The user can also view DOSE units (in Sv, Gy, R) to indicate radiation intensity. The RS-125 uses a large, 6.3 cu ins Sodium-Iodide detector that yields high resolution performance even with sample times as low as 60 seconds.

The system has a fully automatic spectrum stabilization system that uses the low radiation levels from surrounding geology to perform this analysis. (It can also be stabilized using a Cs-137 source if desired)

Not sure if is the tool you need for your specialized survey? The RS-125 Super-SPEC has the following specifications:

  • 6.3 cu ins Sodium-Iodide detector
  • Full ASSAY capability with data in %K and ppm U and Th
  • Auto-stabilizing on the naturally occurring (K, U, Th) radioactivity
  • Does not require any test sources, so no radioactive sources required for technical operation
  • USB and Bluetooth connection capable
  • 4M memory
  • Full IP66 weatherproofing
  • Operational temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Recording with GPS optional

Check out the RS-125 Brochure for more information or contact!