DCIP and Resistivity

IPI2Win is a 1-D Direct current (DCIP) resistivity and induced polarization (IP) sounding inversion program with the Pole-dipole is 2-D direct current (DCIP) resistivity, chargeability, conductivity (IP) sounding 2D/3D inversion program with the RES1D/2D/3D inversion software.1-D or 2D/3D cross section and plan view interpretation and pseudo-section resistivity. Automatic estimation of a layered model for DC resistivity and chargeability data. Export of data, model and smooth model to ASCII files including all data collected data files.

Exploration Application Examples: 

  • Geological feature exploration
  • Fresh water exploration
  • Mineral exploration 
  • Hard and brown coal exploration
  • Metallic and non-metallic mineral resources

The Array’s: 

  • Dipole – dipole 
  • Pole – dipole 
  • IP Gradient
  • Wenner – Schlumberger
  • Pole – pole 
  • IP3D (Pole – dipole)