Data processing and Interpretation

Data Sources: 

Gravity and magnetic data (new or old), density and magnetic susceptibility measurements. 

a). Total Magnetic Intensity b). Vertical Derivative c). Susceptibility

3D Geophysical modelling at Different Stages of Exploration:

  • Large-scale regional inversions for targets identification and ranking
  • Local exploration using basic constraining information 
  • Detailed follow-up inversions integrated all available physical property and geological information
  • Constrained delineation modelling with drillhole geological logs combined with density and magnetic susceptibility measurements
  • 3D inversion of historical data for property evalution 

Iron Ore Deposit. Inverting Ground Magnetic Anomalies with UBC IAG’s MAG3DINV and Using Images from 3D Modelling and Applications.

Iron Ore Deposit. MANM LLC