Data processing and Interpretation

Data Sources: 

Gravity and magnetic data (new or old), density and magnetic susceptibility measurements. 

a). Total Magnetic Intensity b). Vertical Derivative c). Susceptibility

3D Geophysical modelling at Different Stages of Exploration:

  • Large-scale regional inversions for targets identification and ranking
  • Local exploration using basic constraining information 
  • Detailed follow-up inversions integrated all available physical property and geological information
  • Constrained delineation modelling with drillhole geological logs combined with density and magnetic susceptibility measurements
  • 3D inversion of historical data for property evalution 

Iron Ore Deposit. Inverting Ground Magnetic Anomalies with UBC IAG’s MAG3DINV and Using Images from 3D Modelling and Applications.

Pole-dipole IP Resistivity and Chargeability Image